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TCM Genuine Parts
Nissan Genuine Parts
​Unicarriers Genuine Parts

We supply the full range Japanese genuine parts  of UniCarriers / TCM / NISSAN forklifts, tractors and

 port equipment. Delivery time just takes 3-5 days due to the Inventory Stock in Japan .

We just only need the parts number by email to us for a quote to you.

Tel: (852) 2692 4567  

Fax: (852) 2757 5283  


More Information

The quality of spare parts is one of the key elements to maintain the aftersales services of your forklifts.

We believe that our unique “Genuine Parts” label will provide the best solutions to keep your forklifts performing at their best. The quality of our genuine parts has been carefully checked by TCM and this gives the forklifts high performance and suitable conditions as much as possible after the replacement.

Substitute or replacement parts will increase the risks of malfunctions and damages of your forklifts. In addition, the installation of non-genuine parts may give negative impact to the machine life span.

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